Inner Light

Shield, basket by Marie Cole


8 ¼”D $200

The center of our being & the Four Directions can bring us protection when called upon.


Offering, basket by Marie Cole


9 ½”D; $325

The shape of this basket and the patterning recalls to me the offering plate at my childhood church. The offering can be a Spiritual offering as well.


Ancient Values, basket by Marie Cole

Ancient Values

3”H; 6 ½”W; $350

I wanted to create a basket that incorporated the four Lakota sacred colors of red, yellow, black, and white. As I was weaving the basket the colors kept circling in my mind: red, yellow, black, and white; red, yellow, black, and white. I wondered why this set of colors sounded so familiar to me.
Then I remembered the old Sunday school song:

     Jesus loves the little children
    All the children in the world
    Red, yellow, black and white
   They are precious in his sight

    Jesus loves the little children of the world

So I thought “Ancient Values” was a spiritual statement in more ways than one. The ancient wisdom is this: All is One.

Hidden Light, basket by Marie Cole

Hidden Light

2 ¾”H; 5 ¼”W; $300

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Angel Wings, basket by Marie Cole

Angel Wings

7 ¾”D; SOLD

I wanted to celebrate the angelic presence in our lives. And the concept of wings as a design element was very intriguing to me. Purple and turquoise have always been representative of the divine to me. The touch of gold indicates a holy light surrounding the event. When the wings are pointing upward, I see the vibration as being Active, Joyful, and Celebratory. When the wings are pointing downward, I see the vibration as Peaceful, Comforting, Protective.

New Moon & Old Sol, set of two baskets by Marie Cole

New Moon & Old Sol

New Moon: 7 1/4″ D $200 Old Sol: 9″ D $250
Both baskets: $400

To honor our two most important luminaries that regulate and guide life on our planet

Trinity, set of three baskets by Marie Cole


Set of three baskets: $1250
Spirit 8”H, 8 ¾”W; Master 5”H, 5 ¼”W; Disciple 2 ¾”H, 3” W

The color brown represents earth and turquoise represents heaven. Bringing these two elements together with the spiritual discipline needed to become a disciple represents a spiritual journey to me. Although, this basket trio was a large undertaking for me, it was also a high point in my basket making as “Spirit” was the largest basket I have ever made. It will probably remain so, because it became very heavy to work with and took months and months to finish.

Heritage, basket by Marie Cole


4”H; 5”W $350

In the style of ancient pottery to honor our ancestor’s utilitarian beauty.

Service and Reception, set of two baskets by Marie Cole

Service and Reception

Set of two baskets $550
Service 1 ½” H, 9 ¼”W, 7 ¾”D; Reception 3” H, 6”D

The shallow bowl is Service, representing the openness of the energy of assistance.

The smaller bowl is Reception, representing a container in which to receive.

Being of service and receiving go hand in hand, treating others and ourselves well. These two baskets are two of the few that have exposed pine needles. Exposing the needles actually changes the shape of the basket being created as there is a tiny bit less bulk in the wrapping of the pine needle bundles.

Rainbow’s End, basket by Marie Cole

Rainbow’s End

10” Diameter; Sold

The rainbow swirl ends at the proverbial pot of gold in the center of the basket. I made it out of reed instead of the usual pine needles because at the time I had not been able to find enough acceptable needles.