Earth & Sky

Down by the Riverside, basket by Marie Cole

Down by the Riverside

4”H; 6 ¼” W $325

“I’m gonna lay down my sword & shield
Down by the Riverside
And study war no more”

Central Valley Basket

Smokey Skies

6 ¾” W 2 ½” H; $350

This basket was made during the time of the terrible fires that ravaged Southern Oregon in the summer of 2020.

Sea and Shore, basket by Marie Cole

Sea and Shore

9 ½” diameter; Sold

The greens in the center of the basket represent the beach grasses. The next layer is the sand with the white edge of a shallow wave. The ocean is a deeper blue then the lighter blue of the sky.

Chaparral Hills, basket by Marie Cole

Chaparral Hills

11″ diameter; Sold

Large plate in the muted browns and greens of the chaparral countryside with the bright blue sky and beaded yuccas. The Fibonacci sequence was used as the governing pattern for the layers and colors of the hills as well as the placement of the yuccas.

Blue Maize and Yellow Corn


7 ½” Diameter $225

Sunlight bouncing off a mountain lake, reflecting the energy from the sky. “As above, so below.”

First Storm, basket by Marie Cole

First Storm

6 ½” W; 3 ¾”H; $350

The first storm of the Fall blows the autumn leaves off the tree and clears the air.

First Storm, basket by Marie Cole

Heaven and Earth

4 ½” W; 2 ¾”H; $125

The bison fetish symbolizing Earth and the feathers symbolizing Heaven represent our connection to both Nature and Spirit and the necessary energy we draw from both these life sources.

Mountain Storm, basket by Marie Cole

Corn Field

2 ¼” H; 4 ¼”W $125

A small basket to honor this important plant that helped sustain our ancestors.

Mountain Storm, basket by Marie Cole

A New Day Dawns

2 ½” H; 4 ½”W $120

Dawn symbolizes the eternal hope of a new fresh start, a better day and a better life.