Other Inspirations

mollys shawl lighter


Molly’s Shawl

 3 ½”H; 4 ½”W; $325

The basket represents the colors and pattern of the only crocheted piece that “Molly” ever made.




Outside Window



Grotto  Grotto; 3 ¾”H; 4 ½” W; $300





Spider’s Clothes


One day I was taking a spider out of the house, when I noticed his beautiful markings. Before I let him go, I copied down his colorings and patterns. This basket is an accurate representation of that.



Fortunate One


This basket shows the four cardinal directions with a white cross on brown and black background. Fortunate is the one who is able to maintain the balance of the four directions.



Earth  Stone
Earth and Stone

 4”H; 4 ½”W; $300

This was an experiment in shape. I like the jug shape very much, and I enjoyed working with these earthly colors. This turned out to be one of my favorite pieces.




Stately Lady Stately Lady 4 ½”H; 4 ¼”W; $350


At the Dance At the Dance 4 4/3″ W x 4″ H $300




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