In Honor Of The Winged Nation


Bullock's OrioleBullock’s Oriole; 3 ¾H; 4 ¾”W; $325



 3 ¼”H; 7 ¼”W; $350

One of my totems is a golden Eagle. I wanted to do a special tribute to this favored raptor. To me, this basket represents more of the spiritual qualities of the bird rather than a visual representation.



Belted Kingfisher

 3 ¾”H; 5”W; $300

This basket takes its colors and patterns from the amusing bird with the large head that hangs around water waiting for fish. Spotting one, his dive is swift and sure. My representation is of the female of the species as she is the one with the rusty colored belt that bands her chest.




3 ¾”H; 4 ¾”W; $325

I became hooked on birding the first time I saw this elegant bird at the Klamath Wildlife refuge. I couldn’t believe its beautiful coral colored head or its exotic shape.



Tree Swallow2

Tree Swallow

2”H; 3 ½”W; Sold

This striking little swallow swiftly flies around catching insects. Sometimes he swoops through our garden when we’re outside in the summer time. He has a white belly with iridescent blue head and upper wings, and dark lower wings. It is a delight to watch his aerial performances. 



Great Blue Heron resized


Great Blue Heron

 3 ¾”H; 4”W; $260

The juvenile Great Blue has an eye catching stripe of black and white up its long neck. This is offset by its pearly gray back and wings.




Lewis' Woodpecker2


 Lewis’ Woodpecker

3 ½”H; 5”W; $300

This colorful basket takes its colors and patterns from the beautiful woodpecker that inhabits the oak hills. The Lewis’ Woodpecker has a rosy pink breast with a white neck speckled with black. It has a red face and iridescent dark wings and head.




3 ¾”H; 4 ¾”W; $300

This basket takes its colors and patterns from the Northern Flicker, a large bird with distinctive plumage. The top of his gray head is red with a red mustache. He has a black bib with black polka dots on his white chest. A few years ago, a Flicker demanded my attention by loudly and repeatedly rapping on my gutter every dawn for a number of days. Even so, I am very fond of this flashy bird.


Red head darker smaller


Red Head

 3 ¾”H; 5”W; $300

When my husband and I go to Klamath to go birding, I’m always on the lookout for this handsome duck. I love his striking red head, his light blue bill, his black chest and black and white mottled back.




Tails of the Wild Geese  Tails of the Wild Geese; 8½” D; $220 

I took the pattern of the tails of four Greater White-fronted Geese on a blue background to form a mandala.


Raven Raven; 3”H; 5”W; $325

The basket has a purple sheen for this bird’s iridescence. I added the beading because the Raven likes shiny objects.


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