Examples of Marie’s Inspiration

“Layers of color, whether the ocean’s blues, the desert wind’s energy, the sunrise/sunset or the strata of a Chaparral foothill, intrigue me, and create a desire to translate them into my chosen media.” Marie Cole

This photo shows the layers of evening colors that were the inspiration for this basket. “Dusk”


Another example is her “Almost Autumn”.


Almost Autumn pic






Here is an example of how a view from a window inspires her creativity once again. “Outside Window”

Outside Window


The inspiration here is Navajo country. From this image Marie created “Southwest Vista”.

Southwest VistaNavajo Country2






In her bird series, Marie represents these amazing creatures through the designs and colors of her beautiful baskets.


Great Blue Heron  Great Blue Heron  Great Blue Heron resized
Photo by TOTORORO.RORO flickr

kingfisher-6846es-16x12crop  Kingfisher  Kingfisher-2-web-372x300
Photo by mikebaird Flickr

Male Redhead Duck  Red Headed Duck   Red Head resized
Photo by Colin Gould flickr

red breasted nuthatch  Red Breasted Nuthatch  Red Breasted Nuthatch resized
Photo by backroadshutterbug flickr

American Avocet Steve Byland - IMG_8604pc  American Avocet  Avocetresized
Photo by Steve Byland flickr

Lewis's Woodpecker   Lewis’s Woodpecker       Lewis' Woodpecker2
Photo by Luis Villablanca flickr

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