Earth and Sky

Down by the RiversideDown by the Riverside

4”H; 6 ¼” W $390

“I’m gonna lay down my sword & shield
Down by the Riverside
And study war no more”



Central-Valley lightened

Central Valley

 11 ½” diameter; $425

One spring, on my way back to Oregon from southern California, I was passing through California’s Central valley and was struck by the amazing layers of colors. The floor of the valley was tan, then a layer of green orchards, then the brown of the foothills, the purple mountains and the blue sky.



Sea And Shore Sea and Shore

 9 ½” diameter; Sold

The greens in the center of the basket represent the beach grasses. The next layer is the sand with the white edge of a shallow wave. The ocean is a deeper blue then the lighter blue of the sky.


Almost Autumn

Almost Autumn

 4”high; 5 1/2 ” W; $300

One day in early September I was coming down an Ashland Oregon mountain road and saw a vista of dry hills with oaks that just took my breath away. This basket is an impressionistic representation of oaks scattered over late summer foothills.



Dark-Clouds lighter-web Dark Clouds


Rain clouds over Monument Valley. One of my favorite childhood memories.




Dusk-web lightened  Dusk

  3 ½”H; 5½” W; Sold

It seems I often see these colors and patterns in a late evening sky. Later, at a friend’s, I saw a photo by Robert Doolen and I was struck by the similarity of colors and strata.



Chaparral HillsChaparral Hills  11″ diameter; $425

 Large plate in the muted browns and greens of the chaparral countryside with the bright blue sky and beaded yuccas. The Fibonacci sequence was used as the governing pattern for the layers and colors of the hills as well as the placement of the yuccas.


resized Blue Maize and Yellow Corn Blue Maize and Yellow corn


These baskets follow the tradition of honoring this sacred plant.



Evening SaguarosEvening Saguaros

 3″H; 5 ¼” W; Sold

I will always have fond memories of the time I spent in Tucson, its shimmering heat, good friends, open spaces and vivid sunsets. Saguaros symbolized the energy of this desert region.



First StormFirst Storm; 6 ½” W; 3 ¾”H; $390
The first storm of the Fall, blows the autumn leaves off the tree and clears the air.


Mountain Storm Mountain Storm


Lightning, clouds and rain over the mountain. I love the energy of this basket depicting the huge weather over the relatively small mountains.

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