Small Baskets


The little gems of my collection.

Study for SW Vista lighter



Study for SW Vista;  Sold

A trip to Tucson and the Grand Canyon in the spring of 2012 inspired this basket. The wide open expanse of this area emphasized the mauve mesas set against the sage brush and the blue sky.


Starlight 1





 1 ¾”H; 4”W; $100


CornCorn 1 ¾”H; 3 ½” W; Sold

Joseph's Coat Joseph’s Coat   3 ½” W; 2 ½”H; $115


Gift Gift 2”H; 4”W; $100


Heart & Soul Heart & Soul 1 ¾”H; 3 ¾”W; $115

Dry Grasses Dry Grasses; 3 ¼”W; 2 ¼”H; $100











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